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INTERMEDD was founded as a division of Meditax Consulting, a boutique tax firm dedicated to healthcare professionals. After having worked with countless dentists over the years, it was apparent that Quebec dentists were not being fully served.

Retiring dentists had no other option than to sell their practices with firms that were not based in Quebec and did not fully appreciate the differences of our diverse market.

A buyer's only option was to consult a limited number of online listings without any guidance as to a proper fit with their needs and future projects.

INTERMEDD grew out of a need to help both dental buyers and sellers feel like their projects and preoccupations are at the heart of every sale. Most selling dentists continue as associates after the sale to ensure a proper transition of their patients.  To a seller, patients are more than just a revenue stream, they are treated like friends and family.  The transition to a new buyer is more than a sale, its entrusting your life-long relationships to someone new.  It requires a meeting of the minds and a shared philosophy about patient-care and staff management. It takes an ideal match between a buyer and a seller.

At INTERMEDD, we were founded in Quebec for Quebec dentists and we are excited to help each buyer and seller find their perfect match.  

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Intermedd and its partner firm Meditax Consulting regularly host presentations and events about buying and selling a dental practice in conjunction with other guest speakers. 

Dentists who attend receive an attestation in order for them to request CE credits with the ODQ.

We continuously meet new buyers and sellers throughout the year allowing us to maintain the vastest network of Quebec dentists.

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tailored to the Quebec market

Unlike other brokerage firms in Canada, we are founded in Quebec and serve only Quebec dentists. We understand that our market is unique which imposes the need for a more adapted approach that takes into consideration not only the financials of a dental practice but also its particular characteristics and overall patient-care philosophy.

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We take care of everything from the beginning till the end of a transaction. We appraise the value of a dental practice, find a suitable buyer and take care of all of the legal paperwork to complete the transaction.  

The buyer and the seller share one legal team of transaction and tax lawyers in order to complete the sale within 90 days. We also handle all communications and filings with the Ordre des dentistes du Quebec.  

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Co-founder, Tax lawyer & Transition specialist


Me Cathy Nehme has obtained a Law Degree from the University of Montreal in 2002.  In 2007, she also completed her Masters in Taxation Law at HEC. Prior to founding a boutique law firm Meditax Consulting in 2011, she worked for large law and accounting firms in Montreal as a Tax Specialist. Cathy has dedicated herself to working exclusively with dentists in helping them build stronger practices, assisting in the selling and purchasing of dental practices as well as implementing advanced Tax Savings Strategies. She is frequently invited as a guest speaker to talk about her specialty work by RBC, TD Canada trust and National Bank. 

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"As a buyer, I felt like the advisors at Intermedd really took their time to understand what I'm about. I had very specific things I wanted to find in a dental practice and they worked hard at finding good prospects for me.  The legal work being shared between myself and the seller also made my life so much easier. I'm just thankful I didn't need to stress about it since they offered all of these services in-house."

"As an American dentist working in Quebec, I didn't feel confident buying any type of clinic. My french is basic functional but I feel more comfortable in an English environment. Intermedd helped find a great and profitable practice for me that allowed me do also practice some of the specialty work I had hoped for."

"I was nervous for a few years to sell my practice. I was worried about how a buyer would treat my staff who is like family to me. My staff and I have been together for over 20 years and I wanted to make sure they all kept their jobs after I was gone. I am so greatful that Intermedd found a buyer that my staff and patients really feel comfortable with.  They didn't just introduce me to anyone, I feel like I made a great transition."

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