buying a dental practice


How can Intermedd help me purchase the right dental practice?

At Intermedd, we call ourselves “matchmakers” because we value the importance of listening and identifying your personal preferences and goals. This allows us to introduce you to the right Seller and the ideal dental practice among our wide network of qualified listings.

Does Intermedd offer a free consultation?

Yes. Our initial consultation is free of charge. Book your appointment with one of our advisors right here!

What information does Intermedd collect from a Buyer in order to help get them matched with the right dental practice?

We only collect the essential information needed to create your profile in order to match you with the dental practice that “fits” your specific preferences.

Worried about privacy? At Intermedd, we require all our clients to sign confidentiality agreements, whether they are considering selling or purchasing. This ensures that all our clients’ confidential information is protected and that they benefit from the discretion that is required to ensure a relationship built on trust and professionalism.

Are all of the dental practices for sale posted on the Intermedd website?

No, not all the dental practices we represent are posted. We only advertise specific practices on our site if the Seller requires it. Most of our clients appreciate discretion, they do not wish for staff or the wider community to be aware of them selling their business. As such, to access our listings, you will need to start by booking a consultation with one of our advisors.

Once I have found the right dental practice for me, can Intermedd help me with all of the legal paperwork?

Yes. By choosing Intermedd, you will receive a full-service treatment where we take care of everything, including the legal paperwork, from the beginning till the end of a transaction.

The Purchaser and the Seller share one legal team of transaction and tax lawyers in order to complete the sale within 90 days. We also handle all communications and filings with the Ordre des dentistes du Quebec.

Does Intermedd charge the buyer for helping them find the ideal dental practice?

No, it is absolutely free. We get paid by the seller once a practice is purchased.

How long does it take to find a dental practice for purchase?

Variable. We pride ourselves on having a vast network of listings but to find a dental practice that truly “fits” your needs can take some time… as it could also be instantaneous!

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