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INTERMEDD was founded with one mission statement in mind: to facilitate the introduction between buyers and sellers in Quebec based on their unique personalities, management styles and patient care philosophy. We appreciate that dentists are entrusting us with their life's work and not just an item to be auctioned to the highest bidder.  


Traditionally labelled as a dental brokerage firm, there is nothing traditional about the way we work or the way we think. Our approach to buying and selling is centered on each dentist, their personalities and how well they "fit" together.

We prefer you call us "DENTAL MATCHMAKERS".


selling a dental practice

The first step to selling a dental practice is to get to know how the practice has be run by the selling dentist. We visit every practice, try to understand the overall philosophy of each selling dentist and how they manage their staff and associates. If the dentist does not already have a recent appraisal, we usually recommend obtaining one in order to determine the fair market value of the goodwill and tangible assets of the practice.

buying a dental practice

Every buyer has specific things they are looking for in an ideal practice. We meet each and every buyer for a free initial meeting to better assess their needs and deal breakers. For example, we want to know their timeline for buying, where they want to buy or not buy, how many operatories they would like to have, what specialties and procedures they are comfortable performing or not, their language proficiency, their ability to obtain financing, their education and professional experience. 


Once we feel we understand our buyer and their needs, we can match them with the ideal dental practices. If we don't have one available, we proactively look for one for them by approaching sellers we know.

Female dentists examining and working on

dental practice appraisals

A dental practice appraisal or valuation is necessary in order to establish what a dental practice is worth. Generally, we are determining the value of the goodwill and tangible assets of the practice.  Appraisals can be required in many circumstances such as selling a dental practice, introducing a new partner in the practice or even during a division of assets when separating from a spouse.

"One team of lawyers, half the time, half the cost"

amicable transitions

Once a buyer and seller agree on the purchase of a dental practice, the real work begins. The legal work that is. Traditionally, a purchaser and a seller must each retain their own council in order to complete the legal paperwork during the transaction. Legal documents such as a letter of intent, offer to purchase, transfer of lease, employment and associate agreements, as well as the final purchase agreement must be carefully considered and drafted. Unfortunately, the legal fees are difficult to predict and even harder to contain while the transaction process drags on for at least 6 months to a year to complete.  

At Intermedd, we simplify the transaction process through our exclusive process called "AMICABLE TRANSITIONS".  Our mission is to cut the completion time and legal fees in half. This is achieved by having both the buyer and seller share the same legal team and adopting a more win-win attitude.  The parties work together every step of the way through regularly planned meetings with their legal team and constant communication. The amicable transitions approach ensures that everyone is regularly updated and in agreement throughout the entire process.  Not only is it more seamless  but it also cuts the legal costs in half by sharing the fees between both parties.

We work only with the most qualified professionals. All of our transactions are carefully handled by the legal and tax team at Meditax consulting, a boutique law firm that specializes in dental practice transitions.

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